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You may have noticed that the Book Reviews section has gone with the changeover to the new site. The new site could not host the format used for the reviews so had to go, but that does not mean that the Reviews have stopped or are not available.

Obviously GCO has a huge amount on his plate and this is very low priority so in the meantime, any new reviews will be put up in the Book Forum site.

I will, over the next couple of days, put up a list of Reviews that I have in the library and if anyone wants to get a copy, just send me an e-mail and I will send a copy back to you. To do this, please use the temporary email address I have set up for the Edinburgh International Book Festival, which I will be covering for Arrse. This is .

For the members reviewing books: as PMs are down just now please use this also if you have any reviews ready for publication.

I have 10 books ready to go out for review and will be e-mailing those Reviewers who have given me their e-mail addresses inviting them to take on one of the books. Any Reviewers who want to get in touch with me, please use the e-mail address above in the short term.

Once the site has settled and GCO and his team have had the chance to catch breath, we will hopefully have a sub-section put up in the Book Review Forum purely for Reviews so that they will be more easily accessible. However, in the meantime we will have to do the best we can and if you want info on book reviews, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me.

nice one, I find your reviews really handy when doing my book buys


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emailed you earlier today about reviewing a couple of those books and you said I had to join so here I am.


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Still around for reviewing, I think you have my email from the last one.
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