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The Book Clubs on all, three sites are now well established and reviews are going up at a good rate. The type of book varies greatly from Military History to crime fiction to Art books.

There are basically three ways we get books at the moment:
a. Sourced from publishers by me (Auld-Yin)
b. Requests from publishers/authors to review their title
c. Good books identified by reviewers as ‘could be good for a review’ and then I check to see if available and arrange a review copy.​

I would like to open this up to everyone who reads the Reviews. If you see a book recently published that you think would benefit the site then contact me. I will approach the publisher and see if I can get a copy of the book for review from them and arrange a reviewer if successful.

Information I need is:
a. Book Title
b. Author(s)
c. Publisher (if known)​

The site is there to benefit readers so let me know what you would like to read. We are getting quite a good reputation with publishers now due to the good work of the Reviewers, so obtaining books is becoming easier – although I hold out no promises for obtaining any books.
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