Book on Bosnia...

Apologies if I have plonked this is the wrong place, but I wondered whether anyone had any recommendations for books on Bosnia.

I'm looking for a decent book on both the background and the conflicts themselves. It's probably going to have to be something fairly meaty and well researched, as I need to be up to scratch with all the finer details and could do with a tome of reference.

Many thanks all.
For starters: The Balkans by Misha Glenny; Bosnia, a Short History by Noel Malcolm; The Death of Yugoslavia by Alan Little and Laura Silber. For some historical fiction: The Bridge over the Drina by Ivo Andric. None of them have many laughs, I'm afraid.

I'd be interested to hear other suggestions.

Not sure Monty Wooley's book will fit the OP's requirement for a reference tome. Much as I wanted to like it, it didn't really work as an account of the tour, either. It covers the Coy / BG level stuff you'd expect, but without much insight or entertainment. Impressed that a Cavalry officer managed to write a book though.

Am a big fan of Antony Loyd's book.
The Death of Yugoslavia is probably the best background reading there is.

Also the BBC (IIRC) series The Fall of Yugoslavia is very good.


Agree that Little's "Death of Yugoslavia" is one of the best objective reference books on the political and ethnic origins of the conflicts. (BTW there was a BBC series of the same name).

But it was written in 1996 so covers NATO engagement and the Dayton Agreement but nothing beyond. So you will need to look elsewhere for the more recent politics of the Bosniac/Croat Federation and RS.
Impressed that a Cavalry officer managed to write a book though.
Watch it, you! Some people even liked my despatches on here & I didn't just dictate them, they were spell checked & everything :wink:

All the best recommendations already made. Another favourite for some historical context is Black Lamb & Grey Falcon by Rebecca West. Tony White wrote a book called Another Fool In The Balkans - In The Footsteps of Rebecca West which I enjoyed.

Particularly useful for working out who's who is Conflict in the Former Yugoslavia: An Encyclopedia. If you're really interested I have a shelf-full of reference tomes including most of these here so could make a couple more recommendations this evening.
What do you need the stuff for?
'Knights in White Armour' by Christopher Bellamy deals extensively with the UN role in Bosnia, 'Bosnia Warriors' by Vaughn Kent-Payne is another good early 'Bos' book, avoid stuff by 'Bob'.
"my war gone by, I miss it so" Anthony Loyd. Good description of the war in central Bosnia 93-95 particularly around the Britfor area of operation.
Seconded. An excellent book from a former soldier turned journalist, the book conveys the social complexity of civil war particularly well. One of the best books about war in general IMO.
I knew Vaughn, good man!
I patrolled with Vaughn many times on Grapple 2 he of course was allowed to call me 'Medic'!
I knew him when he was a very red-faced Staff Officer in HQ BRITFOR. As I said, great bloke.
Which period of Bosnian history are you after? I know a fair bit about the early 1990s (until the end of 1995). But I've got less knowledge of the literature after that.

Also are you working on an academic project? I can recommend lots of decent articles depending on exactly you're after.
How did I forget Tim Judah's "The Serbs" & "Kosovo-War and Revenge"? The first two books I read on the conflict & highly readable.

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