Book Keeping?

So which book keeping qualification to go for?
The 2 main ones seem to be:
The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers & The International Association of Bookkeepers.
But which is better to study via distance learning?
If you are thinking in terms an employability qualification, then AAT is definitely the way to go. I teach AAT (Level 3) and I interview prospective students for all levels.

AAT covers other things than just bookkeeping (e.g. Computerised Accounts at level 2; spreadsheets; VAT, ethics and costing at level 3 etc..)

I have taught many students who came into level 3 with IAB type qualifications and they struggled. There is no substitute for starting at AAT level 2 (it used to be called AAT Foundation for a very good reason). AAT computerised exam experience for one.

There are various options for studying AAT - distance leaning; intensive courses; part-time college (which I teach).

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