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The next in Robert Fabbri’s series about Vespasian. This one sees Vespasian as a centurion under the Emperor Caligula. Caligula came to power with an expectation of great things but quickly was transformed by power to a raving madman (Quite a few of them on ARRSE!) The book is currently being reviewed and this will be published asap. In the meantime here is your opportunity to own a copy of this book.

Three copies are on offer and you can have a chance get one by completing the questionnaire on Survey Monkey.
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The competition will run until Sunday 17[SUP]th[/SUP] February 2013.

Note: There have recently been instances of people not coming forward and claiming their prize. I am now putting a two week limit on coming forward to claim the book. If it is not claimed within that timeframe it will go to the next winning entry on the list.
Not entering this one due to to a back log of books from your good self sir. :)


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Competition closed and winners are:

  • [*=1]Chieftan "Witsend" Weegius

I will be contacting the winners by email for their addresses so the books can be sent out.

The answers are as follows:

Q1 How many legionnaires did a centurion normally command A = 80

Q2 What does Caligula mean A = Little Soldiers' Boot

Q3 Who said "Power corrupts; but absolute power is kind of neat!" A = American politician John Lehman

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