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Book Competition - TRAITOR'S GATE


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Latest competition to get you all in a tizzy; set in pre-war Berlin this thriller is a good read for the 'kids-back-to-school' euphoric period or just when stagging-on, whichever takes your fancy!

The competition will run until Sunday 15th September and can be entered in the usual fashion through Survey Monkey- here.

Traitor's Gate.jpg

I hope to have the review ready soon so look out on the Book Review forums for it.


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Book Reviewer
Reviews Editor
Winners and answers as follows.



I will be emailing each of the winners for their addresses etc(although some I may have - more entries means less chance for the same names to appear!) .


Q1 - No awards of the Star of the Grand Cross of the Iron Cross were made in WW2

Q2 - Berlin is Slavic for - Swamp

Q3 - Spandau is generally regarded as the oldest part of Berlin.

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