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Those among you with long memories will remember this book and competition from this time last year. Well, the book has been re-released in paperback form and the publishers have very kindly offered 5 copies of the paperback. So if you did not win last year or did not enter last year (why not?! If you were not a member of ARRSE last year you have a slight excuse.) here is another opperchancity to win a copy of this excellent story by Amanda Prowse, who is donating royalties to RBL. While this book is aimed at the softer side of membership more usually to be found on Rear Party, this is your chance to gain brownie points by winning for your OH.

To enter go to the entry form on Survey Monkey and complete the three very simple questions correctly; the competition will run until Sunday 11th November.

The book was reviewed last year and the review can be found here: Poppy Day: Note that it was a 5 Mr MRH review!


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Comp closed, winners drawn: they are -

  • miner
  • rebbonk
  • sluice dweller
  • DrogoBrambleburr
Emails are on their way to these people.


Q1 How much are RBL seeking this year from poppy sales :A = 42 million
Q2 Poppy Day's job : A = Hairdresser
Q3 Publisher : A = Head of Zeus
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