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This is the first of four book competitions on ARRSE in September. The book is a novel about the English Civil War and leads up to the Battle of Stratton in 1643. The hero being Captain Innocent Stryker, a good name for an ARRSER! Have a look at the review here.

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The competition will run until Sunday 16th September 2012 and the entry form can be found here.

Look out for more book competitions in September, there will be one each week.


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Using my random number generator and Sonic Screwdriver borrowed from Dr Who, the following have been drawn as winners - in no particular order;

OCdt Firestarter

I will email each of you for your contact address etc, please reply asap so I can get the books off to you.

The answers are:

Q1 - How many phases to the English Civil War : A= Three

Q2 - Who won at Edgehill : A = Draw

Q3 - Basically who was the Battle of Stratton between : A= Cornwall & Devon

The competition for ROMAN GAMES is still running so go and have a go there. The next competition for BABYLON GENES starts tomorrow (ish) .
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