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PR_Totty floated the idea of a Review Section for the ARRSE Book Club forum back in November 2009. Since then She and Auld-Yin have brought together a pool of Arrsers who have volunteered to read, consider and write reviews to be published on the ARRSE Book Club – Review Section.

We now bring you the first reviews of books that have been sent to us requesting this service. We hope you enjoy the reviews and get something from them. Constructive criticism ‘a la Arrse’ will no doubt follow and will be welcomed in the usual manner.

What do we want to achieve with this service? Well, firstly we want to bring another service to Arrse which we know will be a valuable asset to Arrse; allowing Arrsers to hear about books that are in circulation and perhaps help them decide whether this would be a book that they would like to read. This also has the potential of opening Arrse to the wider world by introducing Publishing Houses and authors to Arrse and let them see what we can do for them. We offer a wide membership base which, while mainly military, it is definitely not completely so. In fact, we can offer a world-wide audience which should be attractive to publishers.

How is this going to work? Publishers and/or authors will contact either PR_Totty or Auld_Yin offering a book for review. Auld_Yin will contact by PM one of the reviewers who offered their services asking if they want to take this on. If they do then the publisher will be given contact details to forward a complimentary book directly to the Reviewer (unless there are specific PERSEC issues when other arrangements will be carried out). The Reviewer will acknowledge receipt of the book and give an estimated time for the book to be read and the review written. The review will be forwarded to Auld_Yin for publishing on Arrse. The review will be uncensored and will be the thoughts and opinions of the Reviewer. It will be stressed to Publishers that we will only undertake this for them if they send a complimentary copy of the book. There will be no cost to Arrse other than the efforts of the Reviewer(s). The Reviewer may keep the copy sent to them.

So now it is over to you. We hope you enjoy the Reviews and are able to put them to good use. If you are a Publisher or Author wanting a book or books reviewed, please contact PR_Totty or Auld_Yin in the first instance.

The link is here.
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