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Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by batfink, Dec 19, 2008.

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  1. not sure if this is the right place but seemed as good a place as any.

    About 8 years ago I joined the military and aviation book club after a couple of years after my contract period ran out I left and that was that.
    Until earlier this year when I started to receive phone calls of them offering me book collections etc. I refused everytime.
    A couple of months ago I was sent two books through the post for a collection I neither wanted nor requested. This complaint was sorted over the phone over their laughingly called 24 hour hotline (only open office hours mon-fri). I have now been sent two more books with requests for late payments etc. Another complaint has now gone in and the books will be returned soonest.

    A right royal pain in the arrse. Stay away from these cowboys, they will cause you more problems than you would believe.
  2. I only ever had good service from them, and when I jacked that was the end of it. I am even thinking of going back - some of the book deals were too good to ignore.
  3. I do believe that under the sale of goods act, if these books were sent to you unsolicited, it is the responsibility of the sender to arrange collection within a resonable time or the goods become yours to keep.

    Could be worth ringing CAB check local phone book for number or consumer direct, [08454 04 05 06] to check.
  4. As the books were sent to you unsolicited then the onus is on BCA to collect them at their cost etc..inform them thus in writing and if they fail to collect/send you means to return books then the books become your property after set time limit(cannot remember how long) so do not send back at your own expense let them do all the leg work and you could end up with some free books.

    legal disclaimer
    hat20 lawyers do not take accept any blame if your door is smashed down by debt collecting heavies.