Book Binding. Help needed.

I have a fair old collection of late 60s to early 70s Purnell type paperback 'History of the second world war' books. Some of them are falling apart as the glue gives up the ghost.

I looked up book binders on the net, but they all seem to be aimed at saving your posh leather bound types.

Does anybody know of a binder who can restore paperbacks?
Brilliant! Thank you very much.


university library binding services are usually pretty good and cheap in my experience and open to guests in most cases... make sure you visit before easter if you do though, dissertation season is closing in fast.
I had a signed first addition of the Mabinogion I paid £8 for, rebound in calf skin to original state recently, cost £150. Most bookbinder/refurbishes wont touch paperbacks unless you want them to hard back the book, which normally wont increase the value because of the info on the Copyright Page will state it was first published in paperback
An 1838 Charlotte Guest or a more modern Gwyn Jones version?
The Lady Charlotte version, bought it off a mate who didn't know what it was, he wanted a tenner but I gave him £8 and a pint of Brains bitter,


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If no one's already suggested it and you happen to be anywhere near a university (quickly while they last) university and related bookshops usually know where to get this done.
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