Book bargains at Borders


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It's a shame that Borders has gone into administration and all stores are closing down. I worked for them since day one and left last September after more than 10 years there. The directors destroyed the company. However, there are bound to be some great bargains as all stock has to go. I'm looking forward to getting to my local branch in the next couple of days and seeing what I can get before the close for good.


Wish there was a branch near me! The one near Swindon was massive and got some real bargains there.


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I was in my local one the other day and even with the sales alot of the books were more expensive than other shops nearby, it's a shame but its a shop I always found 'overpriced' selling books for their RRP given everywhere else seems to discount or have 3 for 2's constantly.


No wonder they went into admin, when you can buy books online cheaper than their closing down prices!


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Borders is going under? Good God, what next - Waterstones?

While the Interweb has opened up new distribution channels for books, it seems to me the book industry (like the newspaper industry) has not really been able to match the web: It is simply so much more engaging to have an interactive channel than a one-way channel - even if the information in the one-way channel is compellingly written, well arranged and professionally edited.

Unfortunately, there is, AFAIK, not yet a profitable business model for an online book.

Hard times for writers...sigh
i bet they open up again on the net.....just like woolies

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