Book about the Int Corps at Arnhem

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Al413, Jan 14, 2012.

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  1. For many years I have been reading books about Arnhem. I have most of the unit stories from during the battle. A few years ago I read a copy of Soldier which had a book review about the Int Corps at Arnhem. I have since lost the edition of Soldier and was wondering if anyone on here knew of the book (I think it was privately published) and where I could get it.


  2. Not this one:

    Worst Fears Confirmed
    By Graeme Deeley
    Publisher: Barny Books
    ISBN: 1903172543
    Published: 2005
    The history of the Intelligence Corps' Airborne Units and the intelligence gathering for British Airborne Operations including Arnhem.
  3. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    About 20 years ago I read a library book about one bloke's Arnhem experiences. Int corps sticks in the mind. Istr he was infiltrated across the Rhine as a Jeep driver with an officer (maybe landed in a glider and went off in the opposite direction from the main force) and spent the operation looking at Arnhem from the wrong side. Maybe need to *shock horror* visit the library, see if I can find it and see if anyone's had it out since.
  4. Anyone got any info on the postal det that dropped into Arnhem?
  5. Parcels turned up late and looked like they had been kicker round the hanger prior to being delivered. Some things never change.
  6. Sunray Minor thanks thats the one seems to out of print at the moment.

    I haven't heard of the book you were refering to AlienFTM.

    Posties at Arnhem the ultimate in air mail. The parcels would of turned up late, been bashed about and they would get 3 or 4 parcels from the same person at the same time as parcels are not a priority for the post!
  7. Thanks for the responses. Now that I know the name of the book I can keep a look out for it on the internet or try the local library.