Boogie nights


Dudelsack in old money
Remember going in there. Don't remember coming out.


Squadron bar, Willies, taxi to town, Kropps, La Mela, bahnhof for a final drink before return to camp, 4 hours kip and back to the squadron bar. Happy days.

Ginger RMP Cpl, a well respected and admired chap. Didn't the RMP Sgt phone all the guardrooms after he was posted to see if a better 'working relationship' could be established?

I also recall a huge bunfight on Balaclava day when 13/18 initially put CS tablets in ashtrays, followed by thunderflashes on the dancefloor. I think they closed Kropps for an hour that night.
I remember it very well. I Remember Morgan the Ginger Monkey. Remember being on stag at Hammersmith and we'd been told to ask everyone for ID cards. Couple of the lads I recognised who didn't have 'em I just let in but, imagine my delight when Morgan turns up without an ID card. Tried to argue that I knew who he was etc. Had to report him. Shame.

Remember Eldiko or Eldika (not sure which) very well indeed. Also remember the English (ex Squaddie) DJ with the curly hair and Moustache who used to work there but can't remember his name. He had a nice Fender Strat that he used to lend me.

Remember the Yorkie lads from 13/18th and Karen Smith (think that was her name) who was an ex pad-brat who stayed on in Herford.

Am I remembering correctly that Kropps had a pool table?

Anyone remember "Joy's" that was another nightclub in Herford but not a "squaddie bar" used to go there a lot too mainly because Kropps was shite.
I remember krupps. Arrived late 84 at 4 ADSR. Quickly discovered the delights of the sticky dance floor & excellent ambience. Only to get a taxi down one night to find a pile of rubble.

Bastards knocked it down overnight.

Had to resort to the Munch opposite Wentworth & Sammy's watered down steins & LA Disco.

Happy days.

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It was Eldiko - she was Bulgarian (spy?) about 19 and went like a rabbit on steroids! - lived in a flat with the other bint (big nockers and curly haired boxhead) who regularly got serviced by a big blond lad in 13/18th H - I seem to remember that Eldiko ended up the duff by some fat German spiv who had some connection with Kropps (perhaps the owner?) Happy days!


Yeah that was a dive always agro...also remember a few hairy nights at the Bowling Ally in Herford, the house slag was called Hieke the Biker, if I remember right???

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