Boogie nights

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by dorkblatt, Feb 22, 2007.

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  1. Anyone remember Kropps Casino in Herford? :numberone:
  2. maybe
  3. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm nah mate.
  4. Dudelsack in old money
  5. 'Kin hell! Forgot about that name for it.
  6. Remember going in there. Don't remember coming out.
  7. well - if yu remember the dudelsac then anyone remember Morgan the organ - RMP twat?
  8. Oh yes, lots of love, Harewood
  9. 76 r u 13/18 or what
  10. spent many a dm in there anybody remember the barmaids? one was called ELDIKO and she liked it!
  11. Squadron bar, Willies, taxi to town, Kropps, La Mela, bahnhof for a final drink before return to camp, 4 hours kip and back to the squadron bar. Happy days.

    Ginger RMP Cpl, a well respected and admired chap. Didn't the RMP Sgt phone all the guardrooms after he was posted to see if a better 'working relationship' could be established?

    I also recall a huge bunfight on Balaclava day when 13/18 initially put CS tablets in ashtrays, followed by thunderflashes on the dancefloor. I think they closed Kropps for an hour that night.
  12. One of the blokes in our Sqn spent many a night with her.
  13. Yes, probably me!