Boobs and Warbirds: the Art of Romain Hugault

The first 1,500 buyers of Angel Wings volume 5 may look forward to a signed ex-libris with Hitomi Tanaka:


Romain Hugault art: a F-14 Tomcat in close formation with a F/A-18 Superhornet:


Lt. Angela McCloud introduces...


WW-II Pin-up calendar 2019 by Romain Hugault:

My source: Eastman Leather Clothing - Books & Magazines : Calendar2019
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Preview #1 from Angel Wings volume 6 (Oct. 2019): Summer, 1945: Raleigh Hotel, Miami Beach, California: Col. Paul Tibbets Jr. and swimmer Ester Williams:

© R. Hugault, Dec. 2019

The Raleigh Hotel, Miami 1941:

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Oh God, I love this thread!
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Romain Hugault cover and poster art:

Planes: the Kawanishi K1K-J "George" and the Boeing B-29 "Flying-Fortress:".


The P-47 Thunderbolt + P-51 Mustang:

Angel Wings in Germany:

(special edition volume 3, including an ex-libris)

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Still on stock in Germany, The Netherlands and France: both Pin-up Wings stickers sets:

Set 2:

Set 1:

A closer look:

The drawings (concept):

© R. Hugault


Price per set:
- France: € 10.00/ £ 8.91 / $ 11.37
- The Netherlands : -FREE DELIVERY- : € 10.05 / £ 8.95 / $ 11.43
- both sets: Germany: € 28.00 / £ 24.94 / $ 31.84

My sources:
- The Netherlands (FREE DELIVERY), via Set 1 ; Set 2 ;
- France: Set 1 ; Set 2
- Germany: Set 1 and 2

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Romain Hugault aviation art:

November 21, 2018: Angel Wings volume 5: the standard album and the special, limited edition:

Sold out within a day (only 1,200 copies)...

….but show must go on!
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Airbus A-380:

Angel Wings volumes 4 and 5; both are special editions:

天使の翼 = tenshi no tsubasa = Angel Wings

Previews from Angel Wings #5 (Nov. 2018 ): scene: B-29 above Tokyo:

Mitsubishi G4M "Betty" bombers with the Ohka MX-7:

(Page 2 from Angel Wings / 天使の翼 , volume 5, Nov. 2018 )
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Page 1 from Angel Wings / 天使の翼 , volume 5 (Nov. 2018 ): the USS Mannert L. Abele:

See also: USS Mannert L. Abele (DD 733)

The rescue of a 462ND Fighter Squadron pilot (Lt. Rob Clower) near Iwo Jima:

Earlier that day: Lt. Rob Clower in his P-51D Mustang, after a meeting with the Japs:

Iwo Jima beach (from Angel Wings #5):

- Iwo Jima at night:

Iwo Jima at daytime: a bathing Angela McCloud (from Angel Wings #5 too), part 2:

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At first this cover was planned: *)

The source is perfect for a poster...

*) Notice the differences regarding the P-51D Mustang...

Angel Wings #5 in Belgium and The Netherlands: this new album will include a size A-3 poster as a bonus:

These Publisher Silvester Top-10 sale rankings are rather astonishing, as both albums are still pre-orders; nevertheless they exceed the number of sales of their other on stock albums...
(Publisher Paquet had the albums released on Nov. 21, 2018; Silvester will publish the albums mid-December this month; the Top -10 is from last week. The well-received French language albums have boost the Dutch language pre-order sales.)

Greetings from Iwo Jima
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Again some pages from Angel Wings volume 5 (Nov. 2018 ):

Search & air-rescue equipment (Operation "Joséphine"):

From Pin-up Wings volume 1...

"To bend or not to bend"...

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Romain Hugault aviation art:

(metal plate)

Collection metal plates:

Pin-Up Wings in Italy (2017):

Pin-up Wings sticker:

(Pin-up Wings boxset with volumes 1 - 4, including bonus (metal plate)

Angel Wings memorabilia: leather patches for (flight-) jackets:

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