Boob op for sailor

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by babiesarm, Dec 21, 2004.

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  1. I was at the same base as the two Royal Navy (or was it Navy and RAF) women who were in the papers when they got them done at the same time in 2002. One of them continually wore the smellest tops humanly possible every time she went to the bar or sports club and insisted an on bouncing aroung untill they 'accidentally' fell out. Classy chick.
  2. You cant really grumble at that FNUSNU :D :D :D

    Seriously though, these operations are available on the NHS so why shouldnt they be available to the forces? The current bun dont report every time a civilian has cosmetic sergury. As long as there is clinical need for the Operation (more often than not breast reduction i would imagine, i've known quite a few girls have it) i dont see the problem with it.

    I knew a girl who had a boob job on the NHS because she trained her breasts away in the gym. IMHO this was for purely cosmetic reasons as she was perfectly capeable of growing breasts, but replaced them with muscle. Wasnt happy about my taxes paying for that one.

    Admitedly its the first time i've heard of a bloke having a boob job, but at least its the result of him showing some dedication and losing some weight.

  3. I'm not complaing believe me, wish she did it more often. Just keeping you all informed!! The problem is the forces paying for the ops - they weren't done on the NHS :D
  4. Its not really the forces paying for it is it? Theoretically its your accumulated national insurance, but as everyone knows thats spent on bombs and lesbian positive action groups.

    My point was, if its available on the NHS, its available to the forces, and quite rightly so.

  5. Not necessaarily, bad spelling I know, will only be paid for by the NHS if there is an overiding clinical need, will not be paid for if purely cosmetic

  6. Couldn't they make use of his man mammaries by just cutting him off at the waist and mounting him on the bow as a ships figurehead :wink: HMS KaiTai? :lol: :wink:
  7. Or maybe kill 2 birds with one stone, cut them off the bloke with man boobs and sew them onto the girl who needs them. Would save a fortune.

  8. Complete with hairy nipples! (sandwich - bin) 8O
  9. This is strange.

    I thought most of the Navy wanted implants rather than reductions so they could change their names to Mary-Lou and play bite the pillow with each other.

    Or was that Crab-air?
  10. You're all wrong. It's in the small print of FAS. Man-boobs are now going to be recycled as arrse implants for the WRAC, sorry, AGC, thereby saving a fortune in pies and also using up surplus trouser material in making even more special army female combats.
  11. Man boobs or Gynaecamastia is common. Most guys are happy with theirs but when the comments used are Give me a tit wa'nk mate 8O , it drives the guy to the doctor.

    But watch out, the scars may be bad :wink: