Boob Envy

Just channel hopping on Cable and I have found a programe about my favourate subject. BOOBS!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D

So far it has shown a "Glamour Model" with size 34AA boobs. Can you be a Glamour Model with tit's that small? and some gay bloke got to squeeze the presenters rack.
Hopefully things will improve.

Virgin 1 Rules :D

Some twat will turn up and say "more than a handful is a waste".....yeah right bum boy.

Boobs are Gods greatest gift, you can admire them, feel them, suck 'em, fcuk 'em and fall asleep on 'em.

His next best invention was alcohol.
I was most upset by this programme. I was hoping it would be an hour of naked women skipping about and jiggling their bosoms. Not nearly enough jiggling for my liking so I turned the tele off and took the wife upstairs for some proper boob loving. :hump:

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