Bonus paid to js who introduce someone who then signs up

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by 1down5togo, Mar 1, 2009.

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  1. Please dont give me flack. My son is under the impression that if a friend passes through selection etc. and signs up to the same reg, he will be entitled to a little bonus. Could someone put him (me) right or wrong on this please. And I am asking nicely.
  2. Im afraid its a No
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    Nope, but if a serving soldier 'recruits' someone, and they get through basic training, (not necessarily same regt), then the soldier will be entitled to a cash bounty. If the soldier knows someone personally they can split the money.

    I think the amount of the cash bounty depends on the Corp, determined by the Director of each Corp as it comes out of their budget.
  4. We have one in the RAF for certain Trades - get him to ask at work - not a bunch of idiots on this website!
  5. Thank you for your time.
  6. Where is this written down????

    I dont think this is right mate?
  7. I know it used to be the case, about 10 years ago. There was such a thing as a Commited Recruit card. The applicant had the details of the recruiter on this card, and handed it in to the careers office. The recruiter had a part aswell, and could use it to claim around 250 sheets once the applicant had completed phase 1 training. I know that when I was in phase 2, I only got my choice of regiment due to the fact I had one of these from a friend.
    As best I know this has now been discontinued, but I am aware of certain unit recruiting teams (1SG for one) that can still claim a bounty once one of their applicants makes it to the battalion. This is certainly not Army wide though.
  8. I remember in the mid 90s an infantry unit had a commited recrut scheme and you got £200 if some one you intraduced to the ACIO passed out of phase 2 training. Not sure where the money came from if it was regimental money or if it was a standard thing


  9. Like we would?!?! :p
  10. My brother has been in the army now 6 years, if i say he 'recruited' me would we oops i mean he get the bonus? :p

    p.s i tried to flick the fly off hinecaps avatar :(
  11. anyone know for sure if this still happens ?
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    It definitely is the case in the Royal Logistic Corps, because 2 years ago they had a massive whinge about not a single person being recruited through these means!!! It's £250. I'll try and find a link
  13. Ravers

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    The HAC definitely still do this but I think it is probably an incentive introduced by the regiment and not the Army/TA in general.

    My mate who 'introduced' me got £200 after I passed recruits course.
    Tight fucker still hasn't bought me a pint for it!