bonus for soldiers after 12 yrs

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by notsogreen, Nov 7, 2009.

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  1. has anyone heard anything of a new bonus coming in to encourage people to stay in passed the 12 yr point.

    rumour has it a possible bonus around the 15/16 year point is getting introduced?
  2. Bring it on, as long as it doesn't come off the pension.
  3. I doubt it very much how many people get to their 15 year point and sign off?
  4. thats what i was going to say
  5. Crazy people, unless the job offer is just to good to pass on. Can't see this happening either
  6. Yep maybe a few ATs or helicopter pilots who have quals that civvie street will pay an extremly large sum for, everyone else will hang in for the pension.
  7. I dont think it is designed for people at the 15 year point, i think it is because so many are getting out at their 12 year point it is to give some incentive to stay in
  8. Not that many people get out at their 12 year point either, I think its something like 60% of the army leave by their 5 year point so the other 40% is spread over the next 17 years.
    I would suggest that anyone who leaves at their 12 year point either havn't done as well as the would have liked and so are moving onto another career while they have the time or they are switched on and are going for a higher paid job, I don't think either type of person will be tempted by a bonus some years down the line.
  9. I would have thought it wouldn't be the case for all capbadges and trades and indeed I heard of Manning Control Points (MCP) being reintroduced. I don't know if there can be retention bonuses and an MCP at the same point. If they are paid such bonuses, in the past, have typically come out of the pension. We'll have to see what happens with the economy as outflow at any service point is much lower than expected at present.
  10. Where did this rumour start? Your bonuses and pension are not linked.
  11. I have heard of this bonus, and you get it at your 17 year point.

    It's called RENLEAVE :D

    Edited for poor spelling !
  12. I'll check when I'm next at work but some years ago I was told this by a competent and trustworthy RAO, I never checked-up as I didn't qualify for any bonuses so I accept it could be wrong as I didn't verify it.
  13. It is wrong, So your RAO was a big fat fibber, If you miss out by one day on a retention bonus you will receive the same pension as the bloke who joined the day after you (assuming you leave at the same age/rank).
    Like the private/RSM pension its just a myth.
  14. I left after 16! As tough as being out of the Army has been for one reason and another, I'd still have 3 years to do now and I know I wouldnt have stuck it out.
  15. My bad. Spoke to 2 x SPS today who said I was wrong. Bring on some bonuses. Apologies