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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by 58_Pattern, Dec 23, 2006.

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  1. Right let's keep this U2 shite on track and away from the Internet Pics thread.

    1. Bono pays less than fcuk all tax in Ireland and recently moved his management company to the Netherlands to avoid tax on royalties in Ireland.

    2. The U2 tower here in Dub and his property developments are immoral.

    3. That tosspot Blair is scared of Bono and needs him on his side

    4. It's all very well letting a Japanese PM try on his shades and doing a bit of PR spin for charity and a world cause. However the bottom line is that Bono is a wanna be West Brit (what we call Prods in the South of Ireland, and more especially South Dub where Bono & Eddie Irvine et all all live).

    5. Tony Blair should be asking Bertie Ahern how much personal tax Bono paid to the Revenue Commissioners in FY 05/06.

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  2. Asking Bertie Ahern a financial matter is like putting an alcoholic in charge of a pub!!!
  3. Exactly the poor Oirish have extracted more ££££ out of the EU and are laughing all the way to the bank. I was told that for every £1 Stg we put in we get about 61p back. RoI puts is £1 Stg and gets about £2.64 back.

    Sorry on a rant grrrrrr

    Worst thing we ever did was join the EU and hand over our power to Strasburg in in the 1970's. We upset Canada & the Commonwealth and are now paying the price. The EU killed our merchant Navy and we lost a lot of deep sea trade with CAN/US/AUS/NZ & SA.

    As I remind folk. I am not European I am British & live on an Island of the coast of continental Europe.
  4. And exactly what the fcuk has that got to do with Bono? Like him or hate him, he isnt setting our EU rebate!!
  5. What a loud of sour grapes! In July of 2006, a survey undertaken by Bank of Ireland Private Banking showed that, of the top 8 leading OECD nations, the Republic of Ireland was ranked the second wealthiest, behind Japan and ahead of the UK (which includes Northern Ireland), US, Italy, France, Germany and Spain, showing an average wealth per head of nearly €150,000 (~ $190,000).
  6. I find the award of a knighthood to this fool (who is not even a British fool) insulting to the many British people more deserving of it, and indicative of a disease in our society which rewards such fools at the expense of those who actually work to the ends for which he supposedly received it. Actually, it's a disease in Government.

    There are thousands of Britons in foul and noxious places who suffer terrible deprivations for the sake of relieving awful misery among people there. He has never put himself in that position. He has only followed the dictates of a PR machine or his business brain (never his conscience) which tells him to do so for the sake of his career - which probably includes the receipt of honours from a corrupt British Government.

    This creature has experienced none of the personal deprivation which field workers with the many NGOs in the less privileged areas of the world have, unless an excess of cocaine can be called a deprivation.

    Which it can't. He has been given a knighthood by a corrupt and unworthy political party machine with the express purpose of boosting its' own popularity. I can personally name ten soldiers, NGO volunteers and nurses in far places far more worthy of recognition.

    It is a scandal.

    And his music's crap. Just like the Nu Lab Partei's principles. Literally. When he hands over 99% of his personal fortune to the cause of relieving gross poverty in the slums of Dublin or London or Glasgow I'll rethink this. Until then, he has my unmitigated contempt, just as this Government does.
  7. Maybe you should go and see someone about your personal religious bigotry then you might feel a bit more at ease with your chippy self.
  8. Doesn't make good business sense, but by fcuk the lock-ins are fun!
  9. To quote the great Homer Simpson:

    "Aaaah, Rock Stars, is there anything they don't know?" :roll:
  10. 58 Pattern, off Spud Monkey, you bunch of spongers.
  11. Isn't Eddie Irvine from Northern Ireland?
  12. Truly a remarkable day in a remarkable year for the British honours system. I believe the last IRA supporter to be knighted was Roger "Ooh what a woopsie" Casement? As Bono is 4' 11" in high heels does that make him the shortest night of the year?
  13. Are you saying he's an IRA supporter Cuddles??? hmmm... any proof? Republican perhaps but that's not the same is it.

    He can have a gong from me for the words of Acrobat... and for the fact that he admits it's bollocks that it takes a rock-star to speak common sense to polititians before they listen.

    "There's been a lot of talk about this next song. Maybe, maybe too much talk. This song is not a rebel song. This song is..."
  14. Damn well put Sir, I feel much the same about some other Knighthoods eg Mick Jagger, will they give Jeremy Beadle a Knighthood next?.