Bonning the Famous

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Cait, Mar 14, 2005.

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  1. After watching Jamie's School Dinners program i have added Mr Oliver to my to do list. His cute lisp has me moist and i want to mount him and make him scream "Turkey Twizthlers" at me. :D

    I have of course cleared this with Mr Cait. We have reached an agreement that should the opportunity arise where I get to bake cakes with Jamie, he can have a free go of the ginner out of Girls Aloud. (He is curious to find out if licking a gwars snatch is the same as tonguing a 9v battery?)

    Bonning the Famous, who else would get it & why?
  2. I'd also stuff the ginger from GA with my man-meat simply because there's less of a queue......
  3. I'd like to Bum David Blunkett, see if his eyes spin when he gets drilled in the fritter

    Other than that, while Mr Cait is probing the Gwar I'll keep the other four busy :D
  4. Charlotte Church.

    Purely as revenge for us being shafted at rugby. :twisted:
  5. Some twät that I was at school with has beaten you to it :twisted:
  6. Camilla Parker-Bowles - lets face it the money you'd make from the mirror group would be worth it!
  7. Things are looking good for Elle MacPherson at the moment: she lives near me, she goes to the same gym as me and she takes her nipper to the same nursery that my daughter goes to. Plus she's fit as fück. Basically it can only be a matter of time before she moistens at the thought of my manly charms and leaps aboard for the ride of her life.
  8. John Cusack and Colonel Tim Collins.....................not both at the same time

  9. Emily Maitlis, the BBC newsreader. Keeping my finger on the pulse has never been so erotic. She is welcome to feel my pulse anytime, and I dont mean at wrist or throat.
  10. Would you like someone to whisper in Tim's shell-like for you poppy? :wink:
  11. You'll be fine provided you aren't a left-footer.
  12. 8O

    I never had you down as a fancier of the cow tongued mockney tw#t - Lets hope he can breathe through his ears.

    A tag team of Emily Bishop and Vera Duckworth from Corrie and Dot Cotton Sonia from East Enders for me as I must do penance for having unclean thoughts and if I have the strength left I could pester Kirsty Gallacher to let me kick her back doors in. :lol:
  13. Cat Deely so I can put the 'stars in her eyes'
    Whist cait is riding Mr Oliver to within an inch of his life, I wouldnt mind a go on Mrs O. jools rools :oops:

    I'l get me coat
  14. Natasha Kaplinsky........just so she can have my Cum Dancing :twisted: