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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Hairyhaw, Sep 17, 2003.

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  1. One for all you Jocks out there.
    Was told recently by a JNCO who was ex BW that the TOS is being 'abolished' and replaced with the 'pork pie that is being issued just now'.
    Is this true or is he talking kack? What the hell's a pork pie anyway? I thought it was something you ate or something spam sailor's wore on their noggins. :wink:
  2. Pork Pie is a fair description of the sad and shrunken little TOS that the Black Death seem to prefer. A TOS is worth nothing if it doesn't cover your eyes. (Especially if you're a short arse little Glaswegian).

    Couldn't look them in the eyes to see if they were lying. Had to assume they were. Was seldom wrong.
  3. He's talking crap - yes the size of the current issue TOS has shrunk slightly (it always varies for each batch produced - got to love those MoD suppliers and their conforming to specs).

    The Black Watch TOS is tailored for them to reduce the size. Not all of the jocks wear it that way, but many do. How a TOS is shaped and worn is a personal thing....
  4. I have a great TOS that is from the 1950's and it is massive! It has many uses in an emergency:

    1. Emergency HLS - up to Chinook size A/C
    2. Emergency Shelter - I can get my entire Pl under it.
    3. Water Carrier - bigger capacity than a Jerry Can!

    I agrre though - they are getting much smaller and everyone wears them differently - ironed flat, ironed with a crease, pulled down like a beret, pulled down like a flatcap, etc.
  5. My old lot have been issued the new style TOS's which are a bit smaller than the last efforts but from what I've gathered the best plan is to either get one tailored or buy one from the Gordon Highlanders Museum, they're made by the ex- regimental tailor and look the muts nuts after a bit of moulding.

    I also utilised the ancient safety pin and shaping scam to make mine battle-bonnet-alicious!


    the tartan patch is easy enough to change / cover! Oh and they're a little bit smaller than the new issue ones, so absolutely no chance of any spurious chinook landings!
  6. My dads' TOS was the size of a frying pan. Back then (Ceylon, Arakan, etc) it was worn rakishly over the shoulder.
  7. If anyone is looking for the old style "large" TOS, look here:

    This place is reproducing them

    They have some other items as well
  8. Thank god some of you guys will soon be disbanding, who gives a stuff about the shape/size/colour of your "TOS" makes you all look like dicks in my opinion. Why don't you just wear a beret like the rest of us. :twisted:
  9. Standardisation is the key for modern Armies. Berets are out, Glengarries are in, just like in VR days


  10. Right Looney......

    Meaning roughly, one for people in Scottish Regiments or anything to do with them. Don't recall ever saying "one for all you lot in chippy regiments out there"......

    Honestly, just because you look like a bus inspector in your No. 1's. :D
  11. No this is a silly cap

    [​IMG] 8O
  12. Who ever concocted that bad-boy has managed to get everything wrong in millinery in one hat.

    Matter of interest which unfortunate souls had to wear it? (even though it looks like it was probably de-rigeur in eighteen-oatcake)
  13. I think it was an HLI cap. From those days when they tried to make most of the Scottish units look like English ones.

    The poor HLI. Were finally allowed kilts after WW2, then they were taken away only a few years later when they were amalgamated with the Fusiliers.
  14. yes but for 'head dress really stupid Mk1' you can't beat a caubeen
  15. i'm a jock and i can relate to that...that daft irish lid just takes the piss...whats it meant to be?