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Last night my neighbour popped around asking for advice about her 12 year old lad who is a bit of a tearaway. In my view he’s not a bad lad he just needs a bit of discipline and some direction in life. Unfortunately she is a single parent and also a bit of a dappy hippy chick! I have already suggested to her that young Jamie should join the Army Cadets, which I might add he is really keen to do.

Now this suggestion went down like a lead balloon as she thinks this will encourage him to be an aggressive thug! I pointed out to her that I was once a cadet and that I never became an aggressive thug (a cross dressing scaley maybe, but that another story.) She has now told him that she wants him to join the Boys Brigade ….WTF! He has gone completely ape at this idea, as he doesn’t want to look “like a Thunderbird puppet” his own words. I need a way to persuade her against this. Ideas please?

Hippy’s cant live with them …..Cant shoot them!
You can always try the time honoured and much quoted

Well you are equipped and have the knowledge to be a prostitue but you aren't one.

Oh course this doesn't work if she actually is a prositute :)
Excellent will try that see i wish i had thought of that last night.
Or you could try telling her, in hushed tones, while glancing furtively over your shoulder, that you have it on good authority from your contact at "Box" that The Boys Brigade is a thinly veiled cover for the para-military training wing of the BNP.
Or you could try selling the fact that the ACF will give him DofE, BTEC equivalent to 4 GCSEs (don't believe Thunderbirds do BTECs yet) and she can release him on a 2 week camp every summer holiday and weekends that cost next to nothing. (BB will be far more expensive) You might want to gloss over the shooting part of the ACF activities and concentrate on sport, adventure training etc etc....
Costs vary from County to County, but in Yorkshire the current charges are :

Weekend Camp (at an Army establishment) - £4.00 (this can go up if using a civilian campsite, etc.
1 Week Annual Camp - £25.00
2 Week annual Camp - £45.00

This may help the argument when compared to BB, CLB, Scouts, etc who charge around £40 - £50 for a weekend and charge for uniforms and equipment.
escape_artists_never_die said:
combat_gnome said:
BTEC equivalent to 4 GCSEs
Is that actually true? GCSEs at grade E....
4 GCSEs at grade C (ie. a pass mark)
Universities pobably wouldn't as it is more of a vocational qualification than an academic one. However, an employer (the Army as an example) certainly would.

It is a nationally recognised qualification.
What is it in? I.e. BTEC Leadership, BTEC Map Reading....

I was never a cadet but after attaching to the NI 2nd Bn for their annual camp I'm definitely up for doing it again i.e. I'm not trying to be a tw*t!
It's full title is BTEC First Diploma in Public Services.
or just point out BB very closely connected to churches
Tell you what lads, that is why I am an AI in the ACF.

Fcuk the pay, its for young lads like that that i do it, to help the organisation that kept me away from lot of things mentioned in that article.
Harry Paget Flashman said:
Universities pobably wouldn't as it is more of a vocational qualification than an academic one. However, an employer (the Army as an example) certainly would.

It is a nationally recognised qualification.
For the less acadmic cadets - a BTEC worth 4 GCSE's is a massive bonus when it comes to employers.

For those that are going to University - it shows that 'something extra' that will lift them above the masses with the same grades.

So, yes - good for all, and recognised by more people out there than 4 Star cadet is.

Also - Paoli, fantastic article. We don't see enough publicised success stories, even though they are happening in our detachments continuously.
That article and other stories like it are what it's all about-giving them something worthwile. I've tossed about the notion of applying to become an instructor in the acf instead of helping every once in a while through the otc. Success stories like that definately make it seem worth a shot.


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Get him to keep pigeons like me. It made a man out of me, I think.

In all seriousness to counteract any negative perceptions, invite her to a meeting (drill night). To talk with the senior instructors and discus some of the old members, just ensure they don’t just dwell on Dave, John and Steve in the Regiment.

As youth organisations go, they can all benefit individuals in different ways. With the wilder youth sheer interaction is enough to start them on the right track
Many thanks for that Paoli. Have given her that and have persuaded her to go along on a drill night. So i think i may have result. Cheers


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