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Bongo Bongo Land ?

Another politician in deep doo-doo for telling nothing less than the truth.

I remember back a few years reading a report about the arrival of around a hundred big trucks in one of these wasteland African nations, each one loaded to the roof with food. I remember seeing them offloaded onto the quayside on the news, and remember seeing them, the next day, on their axles androbbed of any easily removable parts, and their precious food cargoes on sale in the local markets...

Truly magnificent epic fail on his part. At what point did the Emperor have a word with him. Whilst writing the speech, once it had been reviewed, just before he went on?
EM (for it is he) "Go on my son. Say this and you will truly have them eating out of your hand. Dont worry nobody ever record these sorts of event incase anyone says or does something that may offend"
Godfrey Bloom UKIP MEP (for how long?) " Ok seems a reasonable use of a phrse most people have heard"
EM "Mmmmwwwaaaahhhaaa"
Just Guardian pouncing on a relatively minor gaffe. I think he was referring to an imaginary country so that he wouldn't get accused of finger pointing, then of course he does finger point. Ah well....

Just shows that this specious publication cannot argue with his point, just with the slightly less than elegant way he put it.


Didn't Phil the Greek use this terminology at some point in the past?

(anybody else get the 'Sending Money to India' advert at the top of their page?).


For a start off there is Zimbabwe, Argentina, Pakistan, Somalia, Venezuela to name but a few………. Feel free to add to the list.

Yes, I am non-PC and do not give a flying one. Now who else can I bore to death?
Quite a few people, I would imagine.
Forgive the pedantry, but Argentina and Venezula aren't 'bongo bongo' land.

They are - and although this is a teensy bit racist, (forgive me), it is sort of etymologically correct - 'dago dago land' (again, Alan Clark features in the usage of the term).

I think that you're right about Clark's explanation, but perhaps more importantly for him, most people didn't give a toss and put it down to Alan Clark being Alan Clark.

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