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Bonfire of the Talents - Mainstream Radio ‘Dumbing down’?

A lot of the less whiny TED talks are pretty good.
I wonder when the educational Technical Entertainment Design talks became the Woke propaganda channel?
Back in the early 00's, I worked for a certain defence contractor who had a plant outside Hull and a bigger place just outside Preston. Even though I worked on the East coast, I worked for a department on the West coast who regularly wanted us to attend meetings in person. So for a few years I would drive backwards and forward on a day trip. Several things came to light:

1. It always rained in the West, every trip, regardless of the season.
2. I spent 6.5 working weeks just driving in one year. As I was using the company hire car and they were paying me overtime I wasn't too concerned, but it was still tiring. and
3. Radio 2 used to be good.

We would leave early, so Gloria Honeybun would start the day then Wogan, and we would make sure we slowed down approaching Preston so we got the first round of the music quiz done before arriving at our destination. On the way back it was mostly Steve Wright.

The shows were interesting, funny, and entertaining. One trip we had a young bloke with us who got in and tuned to Radio 1, but was firmly taught the error of his ways by a crusty old engineer sitting behind him.

Anyway for a bit of nostalgia I recently went on line to listen to R2 and see what was currently being broadcast. It last 30 minutes then I decided I was better off listening to next doors cats fighting.

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