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Bonfire of the Sanity 2020

Its a double whammy where I live in Hillingdon, West London. At the end of October when its Diwali there is a barrage over Southall
Arh, good old Hillingdon, I grew up around there, Harefield, but spent a lot of my yoof in Uxbridge, Hillingdon, Hayes and Ickenham! My cousin lived in Southall so spent a bit of time there too. I went to John Penrose School, gone now, Harefield Academy I believe.
Well the Afrika Korp have been defeated. The problem is that it is bloody Diwali this weekend. Not living too far from Southal it seems that the natives have risen up and are besieging the British Cantonment at Southall police station.

Apparently there has been a rumour going around that the bus drivers ticket machine and the taxi drivers meters are greased with cows fat.