Bonfire of the Quangos

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by muhandis89, May 12, 2010.

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  1. We managed before all these Quangos were constructed didn't we? Burn 'em I say! Burn 'em! That way we are sure to get the witches as well! (Apart from those which can float on water, or weigh the same as a duck!)
  2. But who would then commission the services?
  3. Jarrod, realistically ...could this happen?
  4. Some of these exist as Quangos because they used to be civil servants.

    Once upon a time councils built houising for the poor. Thanks to Maggie Thatcher wantign a society of homeopwners we now have the Housing Corporation to manasge social housing. Bin the Housing corporation and there will be a few cardboard cities.

    Bin Englush Heritage and we lose the organisation that ;looks after the heritage assets from architecture to battlefields and castles. They used to be the department of works. Besides the aesthetics value, these are some of the thiungs that people spend money visitign Britian to see. Ditto Natural England and the British Museum

    Without the Arts council there weould be fewer arts performeed across the country.

    The biggets waste are the quangoes set up to manage artifical m,arkets thanks to the craze for priatisation.

    We only need the educational quangoes because of the pretence that parents want to be able to choose theior cschools - one of the biggest political lies around.

    We have the medical quangoes because of the attempts to produce a health market in the NHS.

    The real costs lie in the money syphoned off from the public purse to the private.through one sided contracts. PFI deals of which the MOD has plenty. Money for rail companies not to run trains.

    Quangos are a diversion.
  5. Yes, but you are putting patient care ahead of targets. Without the PCT laying down Service Level Agreements how could clinical delivery be measured? That means we meed Level 6 admins to measure our performance. Then level 8s to confirm those findings.
  6. From my perspective - We attend a patient in target of 8 mins and we meet target but they die - we meet target. We attend a patient outside of 8 minutes but they live - fail to meet target.
  7. The Times lists but a tiny fraction of them. The list is rather more horrible than you may imagine. They go on forever here
  8. I think it's going to be like a lot of things when dealing with government with some of them good and some of them bad. Do a thorough review to find the decent ones to keep, see which if any of them might be scaled back to their core remit or possibly merged with similar ones, and bin the rest.
  9. Nope - far too low. Nearly 80 billion. Not a bonfire my dear friend - a Krakatoa is needed :twisted:
  10. IIRC isn't something like three quarters of that spent by NHS related quangos? I could have sworn I read that in an article but I can't for the life of me track it down now.
  11. 'Bonfire', 'Krakatoa', 'Blitz', whatever is the means there MUST be a serious cull of these organisations.

    Who will be brave enough to start the dismantling? The coalition government?

    Of equal urgency and importance is the rapid removal of all the Labour appointees - appointed to toe the Labour political line.
  12. Get rid of anything that has in its title Diversity/Equal/Minority [I'm sure Arrsers can think of many more.
  13. Interesting. Page 15 and I've spotted at least 5 "SAPB" I'd cull.
    £1.1 Billion saved there.
  14. Or to get round state education not doing what it's supposed to do because it's been hijacked by various left wing groups using it to promote their own agenda?

    You can read between the lines on some aspects of this - the grant maintained schools for example