Bonfire Night

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BPS666, Nov 5, 2008.

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  1. Celtic - Man Utd

    Wouldn't it be fuckin great if we just set fire to Parkhead tonight and give the children another reason to celebrate long into the future. We'd get rid of a fair proportion of the population of London in one fell swoop. We could rename the event Obamafire Night. We wouldn't need to let off fireworks as the crackle and bang of cooking ammunition at the Man Utd end will last well into the night. This would also bring some much needed feel good factor to the British public and I predict that it would be the reverse of the Diana effect. It would also bring in some much needed investment as the rest of the world witness' that Britain is finally getting back on track. Mind you the smell of burning shit and illegaly claimed giros, will be witnessed in Moscow.
  2. After all, isn't burning Catholics what Guy Fawkes Night is all about?
  3. He may well have been Catholic ...... BUT ...... he is the only person to have entered Parliament with HONEST INTENT !
  4. c'mon smudge you can do better than that! This is the Naafi, let loose the vitriol and enjoy!
  5. I can't be arrsed today.'s for homos.

    And Guy Fawkes gave me an excuse to set fire to my garden, and try and to blow up my neighbours houses once a year :)
  6. You jack b'stard, why can't you be arrsed!

    Mate, a double airbomb repeater, up the fuckin drainpipe, rocks! (Just a shame they stopped making em) Frightens the living shit out of old ladies and retards alike.
  7. Seconded! :D

    Let's hope the next bloke to try it uses a Thermobaric Bomb or Suitcase Nuke. :twisted:
  8. I spent 18 days in pokey for destroying (literally destroying!) a toilet in a nightclub, in Reading, with an airbomb. They're great!! Didn't know they'd stop making them :(
  9. Apparently some cunt destroyed the mongs toilet in a gay bar in reading - shit and mad monk everywhere by all accounts which is both gayist and mongist so they were banned instantly!
  10. I can't be arrsed with football either.Just football violence.
  11. true that. And he gave us an excuse to terrorise local pikeys/chavs once a year!