Bonfire Night: Glorifying Terrorism for over 400 years!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Chalky, Oct 21, 2006.

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  1. Well, think about it.

    The gunpowder plot was a planned act of terrorism that failed so surely, under this Government's spanky-new act, anyone caught 'celebrating' it is guilty of glorifying terrorism?

    Are we all to be rounded up and sent to Belmarsh the second we light the fuse on our first catherine wheel, or will the government not recognise this tiny flaw in their act of ambiguously-worded madness?

    Instead, perhaps by burning the image of a Catholic we'll be rounded up and charged with incitement to religious hatred?

  2. Are we offending muslims though ?
  3. Not the majority, but I'm sure all of those bright flashes and loud bangs are offending the outdated and vocal minority.

    Quick, pull the zip on your veil so you can't see!
  4. Surely we're allowed to burn effigys of catholics as they are white europeans. The government only get a sad on when it is non whites.
  5. Its burning a tortured and convicted terrorist in effigy out of vengeance... that to me doesn’t equate to glorifying terrorism.
  6. There has always been a certain amount of Catholic disquiet over the events, I understand, especially around the processions in Lewes, Sussex.
  7. The only thing wrong with Guy Faulkes is that he didnt burn the bl88dy building down, but then again we celebrate failures more than sucess in this land.
  8. Not the failures. We celebrate the *effort*.

    Remember, it's not the winning that counts, it's the taking part.

    A lesson for Iraq, perhaps.
  9. What an admission of an incorrect order not likely LOL
  10. The thinking behind bonfire night goes something like:

    "He was a bad man,He tried to blow up Parliament,he failed, But look how pretty it wouod have been if hed managed it! Isnt it fantastic!"
  11. I refuse to believe that anything exists that doesn't.
  12. Existentialism, already. Must be Saturday evening.
  13. I don't know about glorifying terrorism, but I would imagine that the annual festival that is held in Lewes could be judged guilty of inciting religious hatred: they burn an effigy of the Pope..
  14. It's a thought. Though with this Govt. of duffers I'd love to see modern day Guy Fawkes have a pop!
  15. So, where do we stand on Oliver Cromwell? Hero and patriot? Or disgusting terrorist traitor?