Bonfire night and B. B'gham

Am not sure who posted the thread, as I cant find iton here, but I remember that night. Am not totally sure, but I think we had to find someone who we'd left behind whilst orienteering with our Major. We found him and got back okay ( he was the smallest scouser ever, you'll know who I mean). I was vexed by the whole thing as I couldn't wait to get down to the kindergarten do for a bonfire night party. we were all changed, standing in the corridor, getting "briefed" on how to behave etc and all ready to go, when Sgt P ( later to become the first AT RSM) asked one of us to pick a number from one to ten. bemused, he picked the number and it was my room. Just for fun we got an hour or so of QCPs', locker inspections and general beastings. After pleading to go, we were finally released, changed and running down the road to the party. After plenty of drinking, dancing I met someone who changed my life. The first girl I ever slept with, on the floor of a playroom out of the way. She then told me she didn't want to see me again, and that it had been a bet. One of around five I was told. Will still never forget it- fond memories. I wonder whatever happened to C'line L'vitt =)


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Vexed? I would have been in high dudgeon myself.

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