I'm having a lazy morning, I'm in bed, big mug of tea, laptop, wifelet gently snoozing next to me. I have just watched Bonekickers on iPlayer what a load of pish! I was looking forward to a new thriller/adventure/history series but NO it's Dan Brown and some very very very bad acting. I've not seen such bad acting since I watch a play at a school for "Special" people.
I knew it would be bad after they concluded Saracen coins + Middle East Metal = Saracens hot footing it to Blitey for a dust up. I bet the time team would have just gone with "War booty" and gone to the pub.
Modern day Templars would be cutting about with M4's, body armour and blacked out 4x4's not over sized paper knives from the Bath Tourist Shop and a bus pass.
It gave a very one side view of the crusades, very PC, they should have explained that there was mass slaughter on both sides and given the reasons why the crusades started in the first place.

I can't beleave this came from teh same writers as Ashes to Ashes and Life on Mars!
Got to agree, not one i'll be watching again.
I mst admit, it was pretty poor. Sort of Time Team meets Da Vinci Code with crap acting. I think that's an hour I can use more constructively.

Such potential in a programme, and it ended up as utter dribble. White Christians all bad, oppressed Mulsims all good, then you get the 'instant archaeology' making time team appear to be a 3 year dig and not 3 days. (Don'g forget the new girl looks at the geophysics results and sees bodies there, the almost perfectly preserved chain mail section, the piece of cloth that has the cross perfectly in the centre......)

A sort of knock off time team/Indiana Jones/Da Vinci Code attempt, but what we ended up with was Jackanory for the politically correct.
And why were the, a'hem, modern 'Templars' sporting a cross more associated with the Hospitaller Knights of St John, who gave the cross to Malta and St John's Ambulance (and 'inherited' much of the Templar assets in the Holy Land & Mediterranean after their forced dissolution)... :(
Shite. From the Writers who came up with Life on Mars I expected better.
They're even going to have a Mk.1 tank at a Verdun dig in one episode. :roll:
What an utter load of old tonk! Story done to death as previously mentioned. Loved the bit where the rookie "hoiked" out the remnant of the True Cross as if she was excavating a railway. What a load of piffle. P1ss poor. :cry:
PC cr@p: The Muslims were all peace loving and the Christians were rabid fanatics.

And don't even get me started on the "New Templer's" FFS... :x
I agree, it's utter tosh. And I don't think that using my "archaeological imagination" is going to help much.

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