Bone Webbing Questions...

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Speedkuff, Apr 6, 2006.

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  1. I got out in '93 when '58 was all the rage amongst us Scaley REMF types and was vaguely aware that newer webbing has been issued in the intervening years.

    I've recently started helping with the ACF and it's very jolly and I'm having a good time pretending I'm still a squaddie and trying to impress 14 year olds. OK, that's some of the urine taking section covered :wink:

    Is there anywhere that I can download some type of manual or instruction sheet for simpletons like me that will demonstrate (Preferably with pictures) how the PLCE system fits together so I don't look like a total mong? I haven't as yet been trusted with any but planning and prep etc...

    Also, I have read a fair few websites advertising web-tex. I've noted that opinion appears to be divided on the stuff. Can anyone can give me a dispassionate comparison on the differences between issue/web-tex please?

    I thank you and now await the urine taking and any assistance with equal gratefulness :)
  2. Further to the above, When I mentioned looking like a mong, I was referring to the assembly of the webbing. I can't do anything about me looking like a mong...
  3. Here's how I assemble mine, Mr Bromhead, sah!

  4. Don't bother as all of your young uns will have Assault Vests!

    Webte....... I can't even say it!
  5. Its ok for cadets but used in anger it will let you down .In most peoples opinion seen one vest that seemed well built but others that fell apart within 4 months and that was just sentry duty .
  6. Okeydokey, ta for the above :)

    Next question - are 58 pattern waterbottles still standard or is there some new variant?
  7. How are those Zulus? lolololol
  8. '58 patt waterbottles are still on the go & issued, my latest one is 03 & the finish is Kak.

    There is s'posed to be a new metal mug issued but as yet not seen here.
  9. Fcuking Boot cleaning kit in his Fighting order what a loser.

    Fighting order for the use of.

    Ammo Pouches x 2
    Carrying ammo for the use of

    Bayonet Pouch
    Carrying bayonet for the use of

    Water bottle pouch x 1
    Carrying waterbottle mug and weapon cleaning roll for the use of

    Utility pouch x 1
    Carrying a bit of food mess tins and hexi stove for the use of

    Utility pouch attatched in a manor so it can be fcuked off into bergan before a string of attacks.

    Gone are the days of wearing daysacks and 48 hours of kit on attacks. Yeah you may do it in Brecon. But even they will agree that you should strip your kit down to Ammo & Water if time allows!
  10. Ta muchly! All very helpful. :D

    I've painted "L" & "R" on me boots so I'm just about sorted now :wink:

    All I have to do now is fill me pouches with choccie and fags and rehearse my "When I" stories...
  11. Is there a PPT/poster available for this stuff? The only decent "how to" guide I've ever seen is the Airsoft version.

    Any thoughts/ideas?
  12. Check the Pam's, theres a full chapter in one of the Pams on CEFO etc
  13. If in the area drop into a RTC they can produce a decent packing list , the ones the recruits use at phase 1, it's a solid base to start from
  14. Why the fcuk has the airsofter got 2 first field dressings on his webbing? it not as if he is gonna need em