Bone webbing question

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Crabby-two-shoes, Apr 5, 2010.

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  1. Alright, I know this subject has been covered to death and I've searched the forums but I was hoping you could point me in the right direction/take the pi$$ out of my set up.

    I'm a crab loadie and looking for a challenge so have signed up for the all arms course. I know it's a bootie course but figured this forum was prob the best place to ask. At the mo I have from left to right:

    Ammo pouch
    Bayonet Frog
    Water Bottle

    The problem I have is that I'm carrying what I think is enough but my webbing is still quite empty. The kit I'm lugging and where is:


    Compass, notebook and pencil, mine tape, wooly hat, headtorch, survival tin, FFD, paracord, cylume, contact gloves, cleaning kit.


    Water bottle, small wash kit/first aid, maglite, spare socks, gash bag, stripped down rat pack (2x meals and some brew kit), gas cooker + small gas bottle, metal mug.

    Thats about it, Is there some obvious stuff that I'm missing? From years of SERE I've got into the habit of keeping my pockets full as 50% of the time the only kit you get away with is what your wearing. I've not used webbing since phase 1 so any advice is gratefully received.


    Oh yeah second question, what are these little green rubber bags I see alot of guys using, they look perfect for keeping sh*t dry (please no smart arse condom linked replies!)

  2. Your best option for keeping kit dry in belt kit is:

  3. Mate that webbing set up sounds pretty good . I'm not Inf however I was with RGJ many years ago, they squared my webbing right away . No more pouches than 5 everything else in a daysack with the CQMS. It's a personal thing mate however you need a bit of a starting point. Just be open to ideas and see what the serving lads on arrse come out with. Ignore the cadets/ wannabes.
  4. Cheers mate, got a load already, I was mearly thinking for stuff in pockets as I find they can be a bit too big for a notebook and pen.

    Sweet, I'm just sat scratching my head over what gear to take and what to leave in my bergen, as I remember being told that webbing is for 24-48 hours on the ground, plus having done a few survival exercises where I've had nothing but the contents of my pockets being allowed to take STUFF is like a luxury!
  5. I always carried 6 pouches but 2 of them were 44 pattern waterbottles pouches. One had the plastic 58 pattern waterbottle in it and the other had the metal 44 pattern waterbottle with the all important metal mug. I expect it's different now no doubt with plce etc.
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  6. I'll start. in your smock get rid of your survival tin, put your para cord in your bergen, and your cylume and your cleaning kit in your webbing. PUT IN a bag of haribo.

    Webbing = all you need is 2 water bottles and a brew kit ( brew kit being tea/coffee + your next meal ) also need something to make a brew on mettle mug+ cooker. and a rifle cleaning kit.

    just remember this ,

    Smock - what you need to survive on
    Webbing - what you fight with
    Day sack - stuff for the next 24 hrs ( wet warm kit thing like spear socks, boo hoo kit and the rest of your rat pack)
    Began - what you live out of

    If you take it you have to carry it
  7. Spear socks?...however i like the phrase "boo hoo kit" can I use it? even if you say no I'm gonna anyway!
  8. What ! no spare boots ?
  9. just out of interest, why ditch the tin and move the cord to the bergen. I've always kept that on my person as I can survive on the contents of that tin for weeks (old habit I guess, full of snare wire, matches, foil, oxo and tampons) and the cord is a lifesaver. Also why move the socks? If I have to ditch the bergen I'd like to know that I've means of keeping my feet dry.
  10. I'd keep the paracord in your webbing, its no use in your bergen. You should probably have the three main meals from a RatPack in your webbing along with the Moralibo, but then I don't use the brew kit (weird I know).
    I also keep a mini first aid pack with everything from 'Brufen to needle and thread (for clothes, not me skin) in my daysack

    Survival tins...Ebay I'm assuming? :D
  11. Strip your cleaning kit keeping pull through a 1" paintbrush and a better oil bottle in your webbing, the rest in your daysack, as has been said metal mug and the hexi cooker base thingy it sits on or more ally 3x6" nails bent at 90 degrees.
  12. He recommends ditching the tin because there is no need to carry one, you're only going to be on Dartmoor and perhaps SENTA. If you need to live out of a survival tin then you've fcuked up and the DS will be looking for you anyway followed shortly by a completion of a CTC leaving routine. As for the paracord, get a bail of pusser's green string and keep it in your daysac which with your bergan won't be too far away during the AACC. Take plenty of socks and a good first aid kit for your feet and associated webbing burns.

    Away from the contents of you pouches, ensure that you have a few changes of CS95 including another combat jacket as you're not going on the bottom field with all manner of shite in the pockets. and a few pairs of broken in boots. A spare set of webbing for the bottom field, speed marches and tests. Most of all take a sense of humour.


  13. Nah not ebay, old aircrew survival sweetie tin, sweets eaten on grim exercise tin used to cook manky squirrel now holds all my survival essentials aka OXO cubes!
  14. I don't do brews on Ex/Ops either, Tea and Coffee are a diuretic if drunk in excess! Cannot beat 'limies' (hot juice powder) or similar products. Failing all, hot water.