Bone show-cleans

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by TheSporting1st, Mar 8, 2010.

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  1. I've long lurked on these boards and never felt inclined to post however was shocked to bump into a blast from the past yesterday and really bought back some memories. Does anyone out there remember a full screw with the initials KW - a bloke whose rapid mental deterioration certainly livened up Battalion life in the mid-nineties. The last I heard of him he'd been sent off on a basket weaving course for throwing his suitcase at airport security staf and shouting that it was full of grenades!

    anyway, bumped into him yesterday and had flashback to the time he put me on show-clean for not having been on Mount Longdon with B Company! - bit hard since I was still in short trousers at the time. I tried appealing it but just got told to stop whinging, fuck off and turn up. Oh the injustice of it. Still, if your reading this KW it was me who shat in your bed a few nights later.

    Anyone else out there got show-clean horror stories. I hear they've stopped it now for human rights reasons - is that true.
  2. *poss wah*, however count me in.

    Dear Stupid on the internet.

    Does anyone remember KW from the Battalion? You are assuming that we all know which Regiment you were in.

    Stick to the toilets you're better at that.

    Crap first post and even worse second.
  3. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Aw, give the kid a break. We've seen worse.

    That was my mistake. Now I carry Mummy's head in a carrier bag and the cat avoids me.
  4. The penis sounds like he's from 3 Para.
  5. Yes but the sporting 1st? 1 Para?
  6. Thought it was Sporting First (hence his nickname), Fighting Second, can't remember what 3 PARA had is a Bn nickname...
  7. User names aren't everything. I'm not even dusky never mind a nigger.
  8. That would be your avatar, not your user name.

    Hitting the spirits before Eastenders old man...?
  9. It was Sporty One, Bull shit Two and Gungy Three ,3 Para being the best. :D
  10. Nobby B would agree.
  11. Nope that would be my user name. If you've never heard weren't there man!
  12. So the word "shit' is offensive and must be deleted? Most of us are ex soldiers and used to swearing you cunt!
  13. Did Nobby get jailed in Candahar Just before the Falklands?
  14. I stand better edumacated and bow before you...
  15. Quite possibly, he was in the Falklands, but I was only 14 then. I work with him now, Ex 3 Para CSM.