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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Suedehead, May 16, 2007.

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  1. Apologies for sounding like a complete fcuk wit but....

    would shin splints be felt on the front or back of my legs? Or basically all over?!!

    Awaiting incoming!
  2. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Normally a sharp instant pain, followed by a dull ache, around either the nose or eye socket.
  3. Or just in case he is, as he said

    They would be felt on you Shin (hence the name). Now, I don't know about your legs, but on mine, the shin is at the front. (and mine are lovely...)
  4. lol fcuking hilarious question.. answer is on the FRONT of the leg, generally a bit towards the outside..

  5. Legs
    Can you turn your avatar over so we can see your shin etc. etc. etc. :twisted:
  6. Wah-tastic! Bone question indeed! Brilliant!
  7. Ahem, here goes.....


    Suedehead, where are you feeling the pain?
  8. Back to middle of my leg!!
  9. That's not your shins then. That'll be calf ache?
  10. Suedehead, do you like Morrissey?
  11. I've been getting that. I think it's just the natural response to working a muscle beyond its usual routine. If it doesn't get stretched it doesn't develop or so I understand. Clearly I'm no Medic type though so see your GP/MO if it's a problem.
  12. Yes i do as a matter a fact. i take it im going to get another torrent of abuse like most people give me for that?!!
  13. Well I like the music of The Smiths and some of Morrisey's solo work is good but the man himself is a flatulent pain in the arrse. Same goes for his political opinions.
  14. Frankley Mr Shankley! lovely tune.

    No Suedehead I saw the man at Reading 2004 and it was the greatest thing i've ever seen. When they started How Soon Is Now........50,000 People went apeshit, amazing. although some of his opinions are quite heavy, "I think eating meat is the same moral level as child abuse"!!! Sorry Moz enjoying a bit of fillet does not make me Ian Huntly. He Is a F@@@ing genius though .