Bone Question Time....

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Praetorian, Apr 24, 2008.

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  1. Really bone question chaps, but what is the carrying capacity of the main pouch of the issue bergan?

    Im in the process of buying Ortlieb bags here, and want to get the right sizes.
  2. ish! I thought 120 myself but whats 20l between friends
  3. Put your bergan in the garden with a black bin bag inside and get your Mrs pyrex jug and keep adding litres of water into your bergan, remembering to count them. when it's full add up how many you have poured in and there you go! question answered, bergan capacity in litres. :D

    Easy really isn't it? :wink:
  4. whole or in bits?
  5. Long back Infantry is 120 Ltr, short back is ermmm less.
  6. Many thanks. I used piss however, it worked a lot better.
  7. Isn't the main compartment 100, with the two side pouches bringing it up to 120? I may be talking complete pish, but a 109L dry bag fitted very nicely in mine, with room to spare.
  8. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    The longback and shortback are apparently the same capacity. The shortback is wider, that's all.

    I've got the 109 litre one for mine, and it does the job!
  9. PLCE Bergen - 100 ltrs
    Side Pouch - 10 ltrs
    Hope that helps
  10. Thanks very much lads, problem solved.

  11. There are two versions of the 109L Ortlieb bag on the market, one long and thin (suitable for the long back) and one short and fat (you guessed it for the shortback).

    Get the right one. Mind you, I say that when I go out yet always end up with the latter.
  12. both and your patrol pack/day(night) sack for the head/s
  13. I have also tried just putting stuff in the side pouches that dont need waterproofing - as some already are ( nbc kit , boil in the bag etc,water,cooking pot) which saves money and weight and then line inner compartment with your bivvi bag hence once again saving money and weight - ortlieb arent heavy but it all adds up.
    Of course the downside here is if you need your bivvi bag - it quite often depends on climate. Or have a spare bivvi bag ( signed out of course as money once again becomes an issue).
  14. The bivvy bag is very good at being a bivvy bag, but having a draw-string closure, tends to let Mr Water in during river crossings. and once Mr Water is in, the bivvy bag shows how nice and waterproof it is by not letting him out again until you get it out at night to realise that your doss bag and all your dry kit is wet through...

    I'm a big fan of packing light, but a drybag is seriously worth its weight.