Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by future_para92, Jan 4, 2010.

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  1. i havent found a thread yet dedicated to the bonest questions imaginable, i know i cant be the only with them either so here one is, get posting, i'll start off

    Can i use tipex on my application form, or will it look bad to the recruiting serg?
  2. Of course it will not enhance the appearance of an important document. It will say something about you. But an improvement in grammar is desirable unless you wish to be thought of as ..........
  3. a kn0b?
  4. Not a good idea really,will not look good. Read through the form very carefully first and make sure you understand all the questions and what you need to put down. And use BLACK ink !
  5. i did i put down no tattoos, but then got one, bone i know...
  6. I take it your going Para reg then ?
  7. yes indeed
  8. bone, what that they tell us about integrity and standards... hmmm have fun at the medical then..btw what is a tattoe is it like a tattoo?
  9. whats wrong with tattoos?
    can i not just mention this when i see my recruiting officer?
  10. Figures !
  11. how'd ya mean?
  12. Guess ? :wink: