Bone question re: second pensions.


Hi all,
Apologies in advance if this sounds bone, or indeed if it's covered on another thread.
When I leave in a few years, the job I hope to do also has a non-contributory pension scheme. My main question is whether, come 65, I'll be entitled to 2 pensions, or just the bigger of the two?
I was kind of hoping that, as I'll have paid into them for about 22 years each, I'd be entitled to both, provided I live that long of course.

Any advice or specialist knowledge is greatly appreciated.



You will be entitled to both. You will also be liable to income tax on your total income - you don't escape the taxman even after retirement!
When my father retired from the army he worked for the prison service, both govenment pensions. When he retired for the second time he got both as well as a state pension. Only downside was he was hit for income tax in a big way. I have a full AFPS 75 pension and a Home Office pension myself, but have yet to draw the second, but have been told there are no problems other than tax.

You can of course transfer your army pension into the companies pension scheme, but I for one would have to be 110% happy that the new scheme was rock solid.


you've answered my question nicely. I sort of predicted the tax issue. oh well.
thank you both very much.

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