Bone question - PAMs

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Mongoose, May 20, 2008.

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  1. Greetings, can anyone give me the Army Codes for Inf Trg Vol1 PAM 5 5.56 RIFLE
    and Inf Trg Vol2 PAM10 Pistol ?

    Shooting officer has lost his it appears.

  3. Edited to add damm you heidtheba you are to quick
  4. my misses says that aswell :roll:
  5. Mongoose they are all available on DII in the Battle Box pages under Infantry then Training

    I do have them electronically if you require them in that way
  6. what about the No8 rifle and Cadet GP? I dont have access to DII but have been told that they arent on there any way, any one help?
  7. Nah not on there and cant help this time I am afraid
  8. thanks for looking anyway
  9. I think I got those last week.

    I'll have a look in work tomorrow.

  10. Aha, ace. Thanks! Save me annoying Llangennech
  11. PM you email address and I will see if I can wing them your way today
  12. It's cool thanks mate, just found them (eventually!!) DII is useful for something apparently.
  13. Yea I was quite amazed as well. But then there is some tripe on there
  14. Just some? Most of it is :wink:
  15. Ok yea but it did help in my MK1 and suspect it will help my MK2 studies. I do feel unclean after viewing some of the RLC/REME publications