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Discussion in 'RAC' started by Arfur, Apr 26, 2005.

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  1. Gents, apologies if this is something of a daft question...


    I'm about to start Sandhurst, and coming from a TA Infantry background, I've not really thought outside that particular box in terms of Choice of Arm. I've left it too late to do any Fam Visits, however, I've been looking at various RAC regiments and I like the look of them, particularly the QDG.

    The question is, given that I can't actually visit before I start RMAS, can any of you help me cut through the bullshit and cliche regarding the RAC? You hear a lot of nonsense from know-it-alls in the TA, other Officer Cadets, etc - For example, is it true that some regiments look for ex-public schoolboys only as officers, etc? Is it true that mess bills are higher and you need to be loaded to join?

    These might be obvious to you folks, but it's hard to sort out truth from fiction when looking from the outside in.

    Any help appreciated!
  2. As you will doubtless be aware there is a lot of myth surrounding the cavalry. I would very much recomend that you look at a regiment before joining it (most cavalry regiments may well insist on this). You should get the opportunity to go on regimental visits before the regimental selection boards.

    When you decide on a regiment (RAC or otherwise) I suggest that you consider the following factors (in no particular order):

    1. Do you get on with the officers? (mess ethos' vary considerably)
    2. Can you get on with the soldiers? (depending on recruitment areas and regimental ethos the relationship soldiers have with their officers varies enourmously, as an example Jock soldiers may well be very different to Brummie soldiers.)
    3. Do you think you would enjoy the role of the regiment (for cavalry MBT/Fmn Recce, RTR MBT/JtNBC) bear in mind that some regiments are changing roles from MBT to Recce and/or losing squadrons.
    4. Where are they based (UK or Germany)
    5. Where is the regiment being deployed in the next three years or so (everybody seems to want to go to Iraq nowadays!)
    (6. If you're particularly career driven you might like to find out what the competition is like in the regiment for your seniority.)

    Cavalry regiments like most others are capped in terms of the number of officers they take on per year. Don't let this put you off, just remember that if you don't get in its probably not a slur against you personally!

    As for cost, the uniform may be more expensive (depending on which tailor you use). Mess bills, like everywhere else, are as high as you want them to be; if you want to keep a dozen polo ponies and drink champagne every night (neither of which are compulsary in any regiment, to my knowledge) you can but it'll cost you!

    Hope this helps

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  6. overopensights

    overopensights LE Book Reviewer

    A sensible question deserves a sensible answer; he has had one out of two!

    I am a little out of date now; however while I was on the staff at Sandhurst many cadets came there not knowing who or what arm they intended to serve with, even when they did know they were sometimes 'poached' away by observant 'instructors,' on the lookout for good young officers for their regiments.

    I am not aware if you are allowed to enter now without knowing your choice, but I am sure it would be no bad thing if you did. I am sure that the 'eye opener' that Sandhurst is, then time will tell you all you wish to know in the first month or so of being there. Good luck.
  7. Check the date....5 years later.
  8. I suspect the original poster has attended RMAS and either failed the course and is now a civvie, or has completed the course and is probably looking at getting redundency payments or promotion to Major in a couple of years (if he didn't just do his minimum time and then eject at the first opportunity).
  9. overopensights

    overopensights LE Book Reviewer

    Sorry Boxy! I saw 'Bone question of the week' and thought it was this week!