Bone question about sleeping mats

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by angular, Jul 20, 2011.

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  1. I've just entered the 21st century, and bought a self-inflating sleeping mat. Can anyone answer my bone questions about how to use it?

    How long should I leave it to inflate itself, before I top it up? Should I top it up at all, or should it be a bit floppy?

    How do you store these things, rolled up in the bag, or opened out? I'm thinking about compressing the foam v. letting moisture in.

  2. I have one, it seems to inflate faster when its warm outside, otherwise a quick top up is in order.
  3. Best way to deflate it is set about it with yer gerber!
  4. Ok I'll get a sensible answer in for you.

    Self inflating is only effectively the air been drawn in as the material goes back to its unpacked form.

    Try lying on it after its stopped inflating and you will probably feel the floor on your back or they tend to work best at pressure.

    Remember you're relying on the air gap and the insulation material to provide the insulation barrier between you and the ground so the bigger the gap the better the insulation effect.

    I think most tend to say store open and unrolled, but never had an issue with them rolled up for long periods.

    Trial and error really
  5. Which do you have? Try looking at youtube on the rvops videos fortheor product information on their inflating Ones; useful tips on there.
  6. What's wrong with using the issue matt, cut down to a decent size?

    What happens when you're bugged out, and you have to spend 5 mins deflating them? Or am I missing something?

    Ready to be educated.
  7. They are issued now :)

    The old roll mats are just so yesterday :)
  8. Really? Didn't know that. Are they self inflating? So when you're getting your head down in a full tac environment you hear "bbbzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz" as the matt inflates for you?
  9. No you're provided with a 6V inflator that runs on C Cells
  10. Try not to leave a jack wolfskin one in the sun for any time, I tried this in BTC and the comedy effect was spectacular. The fact that I had nowt to sleep on for the rest of the trip less so.

    Think large black rectangle beach ball
  11. I've often wondered if you could blow them up with MRE heaters?
  12. Well, that's what I used to do until No. 1 son left my cut-down issue mat at Cub camp, and one of their DS pinched it.

    I haven't been forcibly bugged out of a camping spot since Options for Change. Smart site selection in England and Wales has solved that problem so far, and in Scotland there's no issue.
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  13. Silently? And when you run out of batteries?
  14. Angular.

    Depends now on the camping you're doing.

    If you are carrying everything then the thermarest ones are a very nice to have.

    If you are lazy man camping and have access to either mains supply or a car then I'd suggest one of the larger more luxurious inflatable beds much nicer for the aging frame :)
  15. I try to deny that I have an ageing frame, by carrying everything with me. Thankfully there's nobody about to see how I look first thing in the morning of the third day away.