Bone question about male/female mixing in phase1

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by thelostboy, Jul 13, 2007.

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  1. I know this is probably a bone question so I apologise in advance, but it never occured to me before this morning. I start my phase1 at Lichfield in couple of weeks and from reading all the 'bumph' I understand you are in rooms of 8 - 12 and that this is your section. Now, what happens about female recruits, are the rooms & sections mixed or do they have their own room and therefore you get a whole section(s) made up of females?

    Silly question I know but I just wondered.

  2. Your rooms will be single sex, which means you will be in a room with other men.

    You won't be sharing with women.
  3. Don't Think thats what he was asking Goon.
  4. Women stay with women, and you're usually in mixed sections, solely depending on what Regiment you're going into. If for example you're going into the infantry, you're likely to be with other infantry people (IE. Men).

    So it's mixed sex or single sex (just men).

    The latter is alright, when you're allowed to live for the weekend haha
  5. Cheers for replies,

    I'm going to Lichfield, joining the Royal Signals. Not sure I explained my first post very well. I'm not concerned who or how many I share my room with by the way. What I don't understand is;

    If the 8-12 person rooms will be arranged in a single sex setup, and I read that 8 - 12 people will be your section.... how can there be mixed sections? Or are the people you share you room with not your section?

    Sorry for the confusion.
  6. The girls aren't grouped into sections. They simply turn up, stand around, winge and then nosh the DS.
  7. I'm under the impression, that all basic training is single sex? And most girls go to Pirbright these days?
  8. Do all recruits not go to the ATR that corresponds with their chosen regiment? (Sigs/Engs to Lichfield, Amoured/AAC/Int etc to Winchester... etc etc.)

  9. I got told that most go to Pirbright, but RMP still go to Winchester. I'm often confused though, so I wouldn't take my word for it!!!!
  10. Unless things have changed, your section can be a mixture of male and female but your sleeping arrangements will be seperate but not necesarily when out in the field. Any fraternising will be frowned upon so don't get caught. The guys in your room won't necessarily be in your section either.
  11. Well a lot of women do ironing for the males.

    Joking ;)
  12. Not if you want it done will need to get your man to do your kit for you.
  13. All female adult recruits train at ATR Pirbright unless they need overspill places at other ATR.
  14. the lads in rooms of 8/12 are in the same section the females are all bunched together in one room. when it comes to briefings the birds always came down to our rooms for any demos but rest assured none of them were raped or anything.

    hope this answers your question... it might have all changed though
  15. They're going to start taking girls at Winchester apparently