Bone Marrow Donors

Not sure if this should be on this thread.  Any brave souls out there?  If so, would you like to volunteer to go on the bone marrow donors database?  The web site is and this will give you the details of how, but in short, you need to give a blood sample which is tested.  A few weeks later you'll be contacted to state whether or not your entered onto the database, and if your sample matches someone requiring bone marrow, you'll be called upon to donate.  This could happen next week, next month, next year, or never.  The procedure for extracting the marrow is explained on the site, and you'll be compensated for any loss of pay.  If I'm ever asked to donate, I'll give you an update on what happens in the Ozzie.

I'd have called hime a different kind of soul, it would have ass in front but hats off Gunny nice one mate.

I unfortunatly can't help I only have marrow bone and my retriever isn't for sharing ;D

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