bone ironsight question

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by biffa, Feb 27, 2007.

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  1. pretty basic question but i have had brain strain..any ideas what the aid to judging distance of a man sized target using the foresight of the A2 ?ie using the foresight blade for 50m etc etc
  2. Do you mean the emergency sight on top of SUSAT or the, ahem, "proper" iron sights? The general way of ranging for a figure is consider that he is 1 metre from crotch to head. 1 Metre at 1000m is one mil so if he's two mils high he must be half that i.e 500m., 4 mils is 1/4 i.e 250m.

    I don't suppose the manual tells you how many mils high the sight is when in the aim.
  3. cheers , that one i remmember but the one im talking about is the proper iron sight .just using the foresight , you can judge distance , ie if the man is the height of the foresight blade then he is at 100m etc etc ...i cant remember the distances relative to the foresight...sad aint I lol
  4. Well, if you measure the height of the foresight and the distance from the foresight to your eye (when in the aim) we can work it out from first principles.