Bone EH Courses

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by sh1tjobs, Apr 25, 2008.

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  1. Whilst being bored to death by geeks at INM we came up with numerous lists of pump courses. Here's my top 5 list of dog sh1t courses

    In 1, crash bang wallop that was loud, find out just how loud with your Basic Noise Assessors course

    In 2, you'll never look at your girlfriends toys in the same way again, with your Hand Arm Vibration course.

    In 3, learn how to march mongs up and down the drill square, its your JMQC

    In 4, learn where to stick that pin on a map, its your CBRN cell controllers course.

    In 5, just how do you fold them paper aeroplanes? Get told on your Basic Instructional Techniques course

    And here's bully's special prize

    learn how to drive cross country, with a trailer. Its your GS service drivers course. Guarenteed to get you cold, wet and muddy on the Plain

    Come on name and shame those courses that you enjoyed, for all the wrong reasons
  2. i enjoyed my EH class 3,2,1 courses or was it the water duties course. i remember now - it was the regimental hygiene and mosquito course.

    another cracking course i did was the epi info course in london - well afternoon was good anyway. got pie-eyed with an officer in NZ at lunch and didn't go back.
  3. I remember going to pick up some entomology slides from Dave at Millbank one Friday afternoon. Got back to Aldershot on the Sunday, still half-leathered. And I'd shat my jeans.

    Happy Days.
  4. Think I just clicked who you are, I believe it was the cup final that weekend and it was a grandslam by all accounts not just shitting your jeans but lashing and puking..... that nearly split me and my now wife up that weekend.
  5. think i twigged as to who you are too.
  6. ...left that wee blonde streatham bird with some serious cleaning up to do! There's photographic evidence of the bath/bucket incident out there somewhere (shudder...) :oops:

    Happy days indeed.
  7. moi?
  8. ha ha that was one of many quality weekends, the other being the Army v Navy, drinking vodka and lucozade on the train there then the chinese where I ended up spilling the curry sauce all down my jeans

    Happy memories