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I have a tin of NikWax dubbing that I would like to apply to my issue boots to soften up the leather a bit. However they have been highly brush polished over several months.

Can I spread it thinly on the inside of the boot, then allow it to soak in from there? There is no special coating on the inside that I can see and the leather is quite thin. Waterproofing isn't the primary aim here, I'm after softness.

Or do I need to strip the polish off then apply it to the outside?


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Sounds like you've not been wearing your boots hard enough! Issue boots will eventually reduce to the state of a comfortable slipper if you beast it enough through general daily use.

Dubbin as I recall should be applied when you first get the boot and before you wear it and if done properly and repeated at intervals it should keep your boots nice and waterproof.

Check that thread out for this very same subject and the answers it brought forth.

I wouldn't recommend putting it on from the inside though. Apart from anything else unless issue boots have changed massively since I got my current pair six years ago (comfortable slippers!) then there is brown fabric stitched onto the inside of the boot. That's not the leather, that's different material.
Also the reason you put it on from the outside is that gravity will take it through the material. If you stick it on inside then gravity isn't going to push it up, is it it? :)
Hmm fair enough. I do wear them daily, and have done since early last year!

I find normal polish helps keep them pretty waterproof though.

Next new pair will get Dubbin applied before polish!
I have found that Dubbin rots the stitching after a while and the boots become useless. Nikwax is ok for short periods but tends to collect dirt which deteriorates the leather.
The only thing that really works is Kiwi polish - do not attempt to use any other brand!

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