Bone clothing request

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by batfink2, Mar 5, 2006.

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  1. A few weeks ago I was at a TA Centre and accidental (on purpose) walked in to see their QM.

    I noticed on his wall a poster detailing the "Layers" principle of CS95's. Pleased as punched was I when I saw it and so set about asking the QM whether I could run it through the photocopier so I could take it home, digitise it and turn it into a training aid for teaching my space cadets how to dress correctly. Unfortunately the Stacker hadn't had a shag that morning and was in a foul mood. He gave me a mouth full of abuse then kicked me out - but not before I got the order reference number - HG QMG, MS(G) 516-98

    Unfortunately of all the people I've spoken to nobody seems to know of this poster - let alone where I can get a copy.

    Has anybody got a copy I could borrow? Or - even better - a premade PowerPoint which I could pike?


  2. If you get hold of it on PP, can you let me have a copy as well, for my Army Cadets?
  3. No probs.
  4. you need powerpoint to teach cadets how to dress??
  5. Yes! That's right. Because they're thick as pig shit and I'm too bone idol/incapable of writing one myself.

    OK. That was a bit too sarcastic! But in essence, your correct! What I'm after is the actual poster/MoI for teaching them how to wear CS95's properly!

    Cadet units get handed out the kit & equipment, but rarely the neccessary resources to teach the darlings how to wear it properly. As such we are forced down the route of learning by doing and/or getting abuse from chaps like you for doing it wrongly... but without the guidance or support to do it correctly in the first place!!
  6. Cheers G_B. Don't suppose you know of anybody further down the foodchain than the Colonel? I don't fancy wasting his time on a meer poster for some Spacies?
  7. Same
  8. Nice one, cheers.

    I'll give them a go and keep you posted. If anybody has any further ideas in the meantime can you let me know?


  9. Dagnamit! Email was RTU'd. Phone number sounded like a fax machine!

    Back to the square marked 'One'
  10. You could always send a fax......
  11. That's a very good point!
  12. Damn it. Beat me to it :D
  13. This is arse. I've had no joy with any of the above. Everybody at the DLO are denying all knowledge of seeing aforementioned poster.

    Anybody else had any luck?

    Please. Before I start crying like a baby!