Bone CBA/ECBA question

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by EX_STAB, Dec 21, 2008.

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  1. Out of curiosity more than anything else:

    Is ECBA essentially CBA with a slightly different cover that holds a ballistic plate? Are the fillers the same?

    What were the pockets on CBA for if they weren't for plates? - Were they just supposed to be pockets?
  2. yes; pockets are for the ballistic insert.
  3. Yes one at the front one at the back dont know what the orginal pockets
    were for .Guess it was designed for when we fought well trained armies as you would
    have to be quite a marksman to hit for those plates. :D
  4. So the insert comes in two parts for the front? I've got a couple of these because I needed them when working in Algeria (or could have done!)

    I took the pockets off the blue cover I used but I ended up with a desert DPM cover too (came with the filler) that has two small pockets on the front but no rear pocket. I just found them whilst having a tidy out and was curious...
  5. Ecba has two pockets one at front one at back for identical ballistic plates . Cba has two odd shaped pockets on the front for what I dont know/
  6. CBA must be what these cover are for then. I thought it seemed odd that the front plate would be in two parts. Are the fillers the same?
  7. Some sort of radio pouch??????
  8. pocket for FFD?
  9. Put a picture up.
  10. You have an old cover - early 90s vintage. Seem to remember we called it lightweight body armour in those days. Subsequently new cover issued for NI / FY use with pouches for INIBA jacket type plates.

    The original cover's pockets where just that - pockets (for kit)