Bond vs Bourne

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ghost_us, Aug 2, 2007.

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  1. James Bond

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  3. Ethan Hunt

  1. Gotta say Bourne is the dogs dangly bits, even for one of the cousins, Bond is good in his own way, but Ethan Hunt no way. And have all these films in my collection, so speaking from viewing experience.
  2. Bourne, without a doubt.
  3. Forget the Bourne films read the books, they are way better than the films
  4. The Bond fight scenes are nothing compared to Bourne's. Some very nice moves!
  5. Totally agree scarletto read the trilogy before watching any the films and they were superb.

    Have you read the 4th? Forget what its called but still exellent.
  6. No mate, only read the first three, excellent books, also the Ian Fleming Books are better than the films too, funny but the films miss the darkness of Bond. However the Bourne books cover way more and in more detail, i know the filmmakers have limited time, but in Bourne they missed out to much
  7. What?! Have you Gents forgotten the reason James Bond is so good? If not for his British character, his wit and humour in bad situations, his ability to get really gorgeous women no matter what, his inability to be ruffled no matter what situation he's in?!

    Bourne has got NOTHING on Bond, the young whippersnapper.

  8. I did enjoy casino royale. In my opinion it was the most different of all bond films. That being said, it was truly the gadgets that really made me a bond fan. I also think that the "new bond" really picks up the bond dark side from the books.
  9. Depends what you want in your heroes?

    Bond: Suave , stylish, cool, sexy (And good at cards)

    Bourne: Proffesional, Dirty, gritty, fallable, human

    Love both styles personally
  10. Ghost yes the latest Bond is nearer the books, about time, Bond isnt the way he has been portrayed in the past, id say at times he could be evil
  11. Just looked on The Bourne Legacy. Remember now unputdownable.

    Have a word, Bourne is far better in books and the silver screen.
  12. Cheers heidtheba
  13. You have to remember that bond was a chinless wonder officer

    however bourne is a JNCO

    Who would you go out on the pi** with ?
  14. Isn't the Bourne Ultimatum out in the cinema this week?