Who would win a fight - James Bond or Jack Bauer

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eSeL said:
LordVonHarley said:
Bond would also give Bauers wife a good seeing to just to urine him off.
Now that's quite incorrect. Bond would never stoop to necrophilia.
Oops, I am not a big fan of 24. Does Bauer have any daughters of legal age Bond can lead though their garden of sexuality?
We talking 'thousand yard stare hardened killer Bond' (of the books), or silly gwar pantwetting Bond (of the Roger Moore years)? Bauer would knock seven shades out of Moore... but up against the real Bond? No chance...

If for the only reason that Bond stops for a sh-it. Bauer could never operate effectively with that much pent-up turd.
You fecker. I'm going to have to take the sixth wa-nk break of the day now.
Bauer sucks the c0ck of death: Bond is more intelligent, more nails, smoother, has shagged far more women, has better gadgets, better cars, funnier lines and is British FFS (that also goes for the actors, with the exception of that Lazenby character). Bauer does win on the foxy daughter front though (she'd look great with my nuts on her chin).
Hmmm, some lone (but silent) lunatic has voted for Bauer. Come on, defend your champion and we'll tell you how badly he'd be brassed-up by Bond.

Papa_Lazarou said:
Nah, Bond never cut off a prisoners head and took it to a gang boss to "get in" with his crowd.
...or put a bullet through his bosses head because a (British wasn't he) terrorist had threatened to release some bio-weapon.

You could tell Jack secretly wanted to slot the bugger anyway.
Bauer just proves how tough Canadians can really be when the chips are down [ both Kiefer and his' on-screen ' daughter hail from the True North ]..

Anyone who can go through what he does in one day and never stop to eat, drink or take a dump - hell! - still, that may explain his really sour attitude and desire to shoot or kick the crap out of everyone he meets.

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